Emerald Coast Astronomy

with Bob Gaskin

Northwest Florida Astronomy Association (NWFAA)

The NWFAA meets the last Saturday of each month unless otherwise stipulated.   Meeting locations are held at the Northwest Florida State College Observatory on the campus of the Northwest Florida State College.

Club Activities

The NWFAA is a relatively new astronomy club but one with a growing  membership.  If you would like to know know more about the club or how you can become an amateur astronome please do not hesitate to call Bob Gaskin at 850 585-9531 (cell) or 850 837-1966. Club activities include regular stargazes at dark sky sites in Okaloosa and Walton Counties, school programs, Boy and Girl Scout activities at Hurlburt Air Force Base and Camp Kolomoki.

Periodically, the club offers astronomy classes to the general public at the Emerald Coast Science Center.  These classes are offered to the general Public at no charge.  The focus of these classes if primarily oriented towards those individuals who own a telescope or plan to purchase one in the near future.   These classes will be advertised on this page and on the page of the Emerald Coast Science Center .

If you would like to schedule a star gaze for your school or organization, contact the Northwest Florida Astronomy Association and make your request.   The club representative will get back to you.  To view the club website, go to www.nwfastro.org

Club Membership.

Membership in the NWFAA is open to anyone with an interest in astronomy.  The club can be a great source of learning about astronomy in general, the best techniques for observing the night sky, cosmology, building your own observatory. how to make your own telescope and even photographing the planets and objects in deep space with both ordinary single lens reflex cameras and as well as more exotic cameras.  If you are interested in becoming a member contact Bob Gaskin, editor of this web page at the email address provided on the home page.

Astrophotography Instruction If you are currently an amateur astronomy and would like to get into astro photography with CCD Cameras,  Bob Gaskin, who sponsors this web page, is available for lessons, free of charge.  Be warned!! Astrophotography can be very expensive.  Bob will be more than happy to discuss your options for obtaining the proper telescope, guide scope, guide camera, precision mount, pier options as well as operating and image processing software.  Bob can be reached through his email on the home page.  To see the imaging gear used by Bob, look to the left of this page under equipment.