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Imaging M13 Globular Cluster


June 2, 2009

The night of June 1 was decision time.  Image or not.   The night was clear, humidity was low and the winds were calm- perfect for imaging deep space.  The only problem was the Moon.  It was Waxing First Quarter and getting bigger every night.   But I was imaging to the East and the Moon was still over my right shoulder.  What he heck!  I got the rig up, polar aligned, slipped the ST-10XME into the TMB 152 APO  and went for M13, mainly to see if I could do better than last year, which was the last time I had imaged this beautiful globular.   At Mag 5.8 and 20 by 20 arcminutes it was a very attractive target.  I also wanted to experiment with a new piece of equipment, a Starizona Microfocuser.   Two other recent images, M3 and M5 in the Star Clusters album were much better than anything I have done before, mainly due to very sharp focus.  So I was curious about M13.  I slewed the AP900 to Dubhe in Ursa Major and got a good star sync, then slewed to Izar, a good 2.3 Mag star in Bootes to use the Microfocuser on my focus for the main event.   I got great focus, then slewed to M13, got it centered and began imaging using an LRGB sequence.   Exposure as follows  L: 13 x 120 sec  RGB at 5 x 120 sec apiece.  I had taken the darks the night before at the same temp.   I processed in CCDStack today and the sharpness of the stars blew me out of my seat.   I have never done work that this.   After finishing up in Photoshop, I sent the JPG to my daughters who are interested in my photos and then posted it in the Star Clusters album.  — Bob Gaskin

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